Electronic Learning
E-Learning: Web-based learning solutions

Improving success through training

Businesses face major challenges today. Throughput times have to be reduced, processes optimized, costs minimized and, at the same time, quality improved.
That can only be successfully achieved if staff are able to adapt their knowledge and skills to the continually changing circumstances. Businesses have to be able to concentrate on their core operations.

TELeCAMPUS AG – a STAR Group company – designs and organizes both conventional and electronic, web-based learning processes for businesses through which staff can gain the requisite qualifications for the specified demands.

TELeCAMPUS – centre of excellence for e-learning
TELeCAMPUS specializes in assisting clients with the efficient handling of training solutions. The key elements are educational expertise, organizational capabilities and a modern learning management system. As an all-round provider of training services, TELeCAMPUS is an expert partner for the production of electronic tutorials and the construction and running of training platforms. Even the very latest technologies such as virtual classrooms and learner support over the Internet are part of the service portfolio.

The complete range of training services
TELeCAMPUS has developed standardized procedures that enable even complex training projects to be speedily implemented. The knowledge gained from large numbers of similar projects has been amalgamated into fully developed reference models that are easily adapted to produce customized, immediately usable solutions. The added value for the customer consists in the ability to acquire a complete system at market prices without substantial investment in development work. The form aspect is catered for by standards, tools and solutions; the training content itself results from the needs and the knowledge of the client.

Of course, not all clients require a comprehensive training package. For such cases, TELeCAMPUS is able to provide expertise for individual areas of training. And, as ever, the emphasis is placed on direct support and joint problem-solving together with the client.

The range of services offered extends from consulting and design through implementation and delivery of training courses to testing and certification.
Certification gives clients the certainty that their staff has acquired the necessary knowledge and the key skills to serve their customers better and thereby ensure continuing commercial success.

Systematic interactive learning
Learning management systems provide solutions for the communication and delivery of information. The knowledge that exists within a company, the experience, know-how and skills of the employees are continually extended and utilized. By the use of learning management systems, information and knowledge is structured and managed and thereby made easily adaptable and widely usable. Consequently, learning modules can be flexibly configured and the learning processes optimized in the virtual classroom.

Thus, in contrast with information management systems, learning management systems not only solve the problem of information storage and organization, they also ensure there is a continual flow of knowledge and information. And thus the processing of information becomes the foundation for an interactive communication platform with virtually limitless possibilities.

The virtual classroom
It is not always possible for tutors and students to be in the same place at the same time. An effective alternative is therefore the virtual classroom provided by learning management systems. The TELeCAMPUS i-KNOW solution is an electronic, interactive learning platform with web-based front end, integrated content and document management, collaboration and workflow modules, and a large number of other configurable applications.

A training concept is developed in consultation with the client to meet the specific requirements. It encompasses a comprehensive training program with client-specific content. The solution extends to

     - preparation of learning content,
     - training of internal experts as trainers,
     - preparation of the electronic, web-based courses,
     - provision and operation of a complete education and training platform, and
     - construction of an examination system and delivery of the examinations.

The clients have access to the learning content on the i-KNOW platform unlimited by time or location. Consequently, not only do they enjoy the maximum utility, they also benefit from cost and resource-efficiency.

The i-KNOW learning management system can either be run on the client's existing IT infrastructure or outsourced in its entirety to TELeCAMPUS.
Certified training by professional trainers

Finding the right experts at the right time is not easy. In the field of training, the tutors' and trainers' knowledge of their subject is not the only important aspect; equally essential are the teaching methodologies that they employ. Because it is a specialist provider, TELeCAMPUS not only possesses the specialist subject knowledge but also has a close network of contacts at its disposal. And that includes a pool of potential trainers with an enormous variety of qualifications capable of covering clients' practical requirements.

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