Electronic Publishing
Electronic Publishing: Cross-media publication for multilingual needs

Generating and publishing – creatively and professionally
The right mixture of text and graphics, a clear layout and the appropriate publication medium are the fundamental requirements for assimilation of information by users.
Based on many years of experience with a large number of systems and languages, STAR is able to offer every client expert advice and excellent service in those areas.

Conventional publishing
STAR produces documents using widely available traditional DTP systems. DTP specialists select the optimum system according to project scope, proportion of graphics, colors, layout, print quality, revision frequency, languages, subsequent processing and so on.
The choice of a translation-friendly layout and the use of text modules make for rationalized and cost-efficient translation. Foreign language versions are produced with the aid of the Transit computer-aided translation system.
STAR supplies the end products in the form of printable files

    - in the DTP system source format
    - as PDF files
    - as postscript files, color-separated or full-color

or, if required, provides support right up to

    - the pre-print stage (color separation or monochrome films) or
    - final printing to customer requirements.

Printing and distribution can also be undertaken locally in the various destination countries by STAR subsidiaries where trained specialists possess the appropriate systems and fonts – including for languages with their own character sets.

Automated publication
For large projects, short publication cycles or cross-media publication, STAR recommends the use of SGML or XML. With the GRIPS information management and publication system developed by STAR, even complex publication projects can be efficiently handled. The information is structured, saved in SGML/XML and is then automatically publishable at any time

    - as printer output (laser printer/postscript file/PDF file),
    - in CD-ROM publication format, or
    - as a web publication directly from a database.

This type of automatic generation offers unique advantages:
- Shorter publication cycles
- Faster updates
- Capability of incorporating revisions immediately prior to publication
- Automation of the entire layout process in all languages and for every type of publication
- Perfect coherence of information across all publications

CD-ROM publishing
Producing product information CDs is one of STAR's major specialist skills. The specially developed query and information system enables on-demand media-compatible publication of structured data in SGML or XML format. The CD-ROMs produced contain not only clearly structured textual information and conventional graphics but also multimedia elements such as animations, video clips and sound. Apart from the prime consideration of user-friendliness, the key aspects addressed when developing product information CDs are:

    - Optimum presentation of information in keeping with the corporate design
    - User-orientated navigation guidance
    - Variety of search strategies
    - Ease of maintenance
    - Internationality and multilingual content (language switching)
    - Integration with other online information sources

SPIDER, STAR's system for electronic publication on CD-ROM, does not require any installation on the part of the user and can be used independently. Customers produce their own updated CD-ROMs.

Website design
STAR's professional team of website developers has many years of experience and spans the whole range of services required:
Design, editing and graphics
    - Clarification of user needs and customer benefits
    - Definition of web marketing strategy
    - Conception of site features, content-related and technical
    - Implementation of content in web-compatible form
    - Development of a graphical design concept taking account of CI specifications

- Translation of the website into different languages
- Automation of the translation workflow using STAR James™
- Adaptation to local specifics (currencies, units, content, contacts, product lines, distribution channels, etc.)
- Language switching
- Testing by local users in the destination country

Technical implementation
     - Design of website pages using HTML, ASP, XML, JavaScript
     - Optimization for specified browser types
     - Production of web-optimized graphics and animations
     - Programming of CGI scripts
     - Database linking
     - Set-up and maintenance of a web server
     - Website hosting
     - Integration of e-commerce modules
     - Security concept and implementation
     - Website registration with worldwide search engines

If required, integration with automated content publishing from a GRIPS database can be implemented as well.

STAR can take care of conversion of content to multimedia CDs for applications such as computer-based training, marketing CDs, product launches and so on. The process comprises the following stages:

     - Script production
     - Conversion of content to text and graphics
     - Editing and production of graphics
     - Design of multimedia pages
     - Soundtrack overlay (synchronous or asynchronous)
     - Logic programming and content embedding
     - Production of installation programs and testing
     - Creation of a client master
     - Production
     - Production of foreign-language versions

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