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STAR Group

 - is one of the world’s leading providers of multilingual, technical communication
- is a service provider for the entire lifecycle of technical information – from technical editing, illustration and logistics tasks to specialist technical translation and customer-oriented formatting for all types of media.
- supports and optimizes the information process with professional software development teams and appropriate software products developed in-house.
- has a global network of 38 offices with over 890 permanently employed specialists, supported by many long-standing partners and suppliers. Offices on 4 continents.
- can call on over 20 years of experience in the area of technical communication.
- has its headquarters in Switzerland and is the largest language services provider that is still privately owned.
- has large software development centers in Málaga (Spain), Böblingen (Germany) and Ramsen (Switzerland).

Our vision
We believe our task is to successfully support international industrial enterprises and organizations with their product-oriented and technical information in line with their strategic requirements using the best specialists, state-of-the-art resources and effective concepts.
Our aim is to present customers with efficient strategies and methods and thus to guarantee that they can always deploy their most valuable asset – knowledge – in a way that is suitable for both the situation and their objectives.
Our recipe for success
So that it can support its partners successfully and with effective solutions, the STAR Group capitalizes on the combination of highly qualified specialists and state-of-the-art tools and focuses its activities on the entire information process.

Our competences
- Language services – we improve communication thanks to our linguistic and cultural knowledge of the target markets.
- Technology – using the appropriate tools, we support our customers in the international distribution of their products with high-quality product documentation for all modern communication methods and media.
- Global infrastructure – with our global network of experienced specialists, we are local to our customers and can work in over 170 of the world’s languages.
- Intelligent concepts and methods – STAR is striving for perfection in the area of translating technical content into all languages. The information structures and data quality are thus optimized for our customers.

Our fields of activity
1. Vehicle industry and component suppliers
2. Mechanical engineering
3. Precision engineering and technology, e.g. watch industry
4. Localization of software products
5. Measurement and control technology, automation technology
6. Medical engineering, pharmaceuticals and chemistry
7. Finance (banking and insurance)
8. Authorities, public services and organizations

The organization of the STAR Group
The STAR Group is a combination of country subsidiaries with a high degree of independence and affiliation to the parent company, STAR AG (Switzerland). STAR AG has a controlling interest in all local offices. However, all the country subsidiaries have the freedom to adapt themselves to their local market.
This has 2 significant benefits:

- The STAR offices have the ability to adapt ideally to local requirements and the needs of the respective market. The influence of local circumstances is therefore guaranteed.

- All STAR companies are economically independent entities. This enables a maximum degree of flexibility and the economic stability of the Group is increased considerably.

STAR is a team-oriented company that is not structured according to strict and static hierarchies. Project organization in teams allows our employees to be more flexible and creative when handling orders. In addition, organization in teams is the best solution for optimally handling specific processes and individual customer requirements. A clear agenda and guidelines are the most important requisites for this type of organization. There are therefore various boards within the STAR Group which discuss solutions and develop basic principles. These boards form the actual management body of the STAR Group:

Management Board
The Management Board consists of the managers of all STAR companies. The policies and strategy of the Group are discussed in annual meetings and various forums.

Software Board
The Software Board consists of software and information specialists. The board meets several times a year to discuss the software strategy, future developments and innovative solutions.

Marketing Board
The Marketing Board reviews current marketing projects and future strategies. The board consists of experienced specialists in sales and marketing.

Internal and external user groups
For every STAR field of activity and product, there are user groups which exchange experiences and ideas about STAR tools in annual meetings and special forums. The members of the internal user group are STAR Group employees. In the external user groups, STAR customers receive the newest information, tips and tricks for the STAR tools. Members of user groups have the opportunity to get to know the software developers personally and to have an active influence on the further development of the tools.

To exchange information, all boards have conventional and modern communication methods at their disposal, such as personal meetings, e-mail forums, newsletters, ad hoc films, DVDs of meetings, training videos, slide shows, etc. The STAR Group has its own video technician who is present at every meeting to record it as a reminder and as a multimedia record for the participants.

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