Multilingual Tools for a Multilingual world

Wherever professional translation work is carried out . In trade and industry. In public institutions. On five continents. Among freelancers. In the largest translation agencies. On the desktops of real and virtual teams of translators spanning the globe.

 STAR's Language Technology is the world's most advanced, scalable, and heavy-duty set of solutions for the challenges facing practitioners of today's multilingual world in the workplace. Appropriate to all assignments whether several pages or thousands of pages, to all major text formats.

Unparalleled Productivity of Computer Aided Translation built upon a Translation Memory of unique, file-based architecture. Rugged, reliable, cost effective.

Globalization's enabler . Serving more than 100 languages and local variants. Supports Asian, Central and Eastern European and Middle Eastern languages. XML based and future oriented. Best suited to the demands of Internet communications and distributed work among decentralized teams to facilitate true collaboration. Secure and fastest in operation.

Easy to use . A Translation Editor custom built for the translator's needs. Drawing upon the experience of the world's leading translation houses to ensure highest functionality, most rational use of the screen, high level of personalization.

Project Management . Designed from the inside out to dispatch, monitor, control, and facilitate translation work flow. Automated project analysis and planning information. In-built Quality Assurance features.

Terminology Management . Closely integrated concept-oriented system for the creation, deployment and maintenance of comprehensive multilingual terminology data. Ensures consistent use of company-specific terminology across the globe in all languages. Available via the Intranet/Internet.


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