STAR FAQ: Transit Satellite PE (Personal Edition)

How does Satellite PE differ from other Transit products?
Satellite PE was designed to be as compact a file as possible to facilitate downloading anywhere in the world. Accordingly some options which long time users of Transit have come to know and value were not included in this product for the sake of lightening the load and broadening the use among freelancers.
A secondary reason for restricting options was to reduce the learning time for the newcomer to Transit to the barest minimum.
The end result of these development efforts is a product that is serviceable and rugged though without extended comforts.
Satellite PE is very similar to Transit Workstation XV but has certain limitations:
•    You can't display and hide segments of text in the Transit editor using filtering e.g. only untranslated, only partially translated segments etc.
•    You can't load and concurrently edit several files of your translation project in one window of the Transit editor
•    You can simultaneously use only three dictionaries
•    You can't integrate the Transit Satellite PE version with speech recognition tools
•    Transit spell checkers can be purchased separately
To put all this in a proper context, it must be said that many of these features are not available at all in competing products even at the top of range models.

Is there any time limitation on the use of Transit Satellite PE?
No, there is no expiry date.

Is it possible to edit any quantity of files with Transit Satellite PE?

What dialog languages exist for Transit Satellite PE?
German and English.


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