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    STAR – Expert provider of translation services and technology

  • The STAR Group is the world's third largest supplier of translations of all types and has established itself as one of the leading organizations in the translation services sector.
  • But STAR is not just a service provider; it is also a producer of the most advanced translation technology.

World-wide network of resources and skills

STAR has a global infrastructure of 38 subsidiaries in 28 different countries. Advanced technology enables rapid communication across the globe and links together local centers of expertise to form a world-wide team. Over 890 in-house staff and large numbers of freelance specialists provide translation and language skills of the highest standard. In combination with local technicians and engineers in a wide diversity of industries, they form a unique network of resources and capabilities.

    Methodology, linguistic proficiency and technical expertise the keys to quality

    Standardized methodology

    From project manager to individual translator, everybody is equipped with the same highly efficient tools – Transit and TermStar. The translation process can be further automated by total integration in the STAR James™ workflow automation system. This standardized tool environment ensures a level of process reliability that is unsurpassed. And it is a unique working method that is exclusive to the STAR Group. Thus STAR is able to achieve a high level of project security, reliability, trustworthiness, consistency and quality for its clients as well as the added benefit of the synergetic effects that the methodology creates.

    Linguistic and translation expertise

    STAR provides high-quality translations in over 160 languages and has established itself as a specialist in Far Eastern languages in particular through its presence in the Asian region. Translations are produced locally in the destination markets. Only in that way is it possible to guarantee that translations are linguistically correct, appropriate to the market, and take account of current language, cultural, economic and legal circumstances in the destination market. The technical translators employed by STAR only translate into their native languages as a matter of principle and are experts in the subjects they work in.

    Technical competence of industry specialists

    STAR restricts itself to fields in which it has highly qualified specialist translation teams in the local destination markets

  • Automotive and automotive supplier industries
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Precision engineering and technology, e.g. watch-making
  • Localization of software products
  • Measurement and control systems and automation technology
  • Medical technology, pharmaceuticals and chemistry
  • Finance (banking and insurance)
  • Government authorities and public bodies.
  • STAR restricts itself to fields in which it has highly qualified specialist translation teams in the local destination markets


Terminology maintenance and management is a permanent feature of the translation services provided by STAR but are separate options. The choices available include terminology consulting as well as construction, streamlining and conversion of clients' terminology databases.

Project management

Every project is overseen by a dedicated project manager at STAR. The project manager is responsible for careful and proper handling and delivery of the project.

Multilingual publishing

For optimum presentation of the translated text, STAR offers document design in all translation languages. Specialist desktop publishing teams with the appropriate language skills layout and format documents in the languages concerned using all types fonts and character systems. The expertise available extends from straightforward output on laser printer to sophisticated and high-quality four-color printing. STAR also specializes in the multilingual publication of SGML documents. STAR's own SPIDER technology enables efficient publication of SGML/XML-based information in any language.

More than just translation

  • Translation and consulting
  • STAR can offer comprehensive and expert advice at every stage of a project from planning to completion.

  • Translation and alignment
  • STAR's alignment technology configures existing translation resources in such a way that they can be re-used by the translation memory system for future translation projects, thereby saving time and money.

  • Translation and adaptation
  • In consultation with the client or on the basis of local research, STAR can adapt translated documents to particular national and market requirements.

    STAR – Partner of industry

    With its expertise in translation services and software, STAR is able to offer all-in-one solutions for all multilingual requirements with a service reliability that enables clients to communicate their message world-wide. STAR is an established and reliable partner for production, translation, localization, management, publication and distribution of company product documentation.


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