Software Development
Software consultancy and development:
Global software development services

STAR – the globalized software specialist
STAR has specialized in the development of globalized software for many years, a method of software development that ensures that the applications can be used for every language required, regardless of the character system.
The method is based on the use of Unicode as the character set and, in particular, on the software architecture and the way in which data is stored.
STAR consistently and rigorously applies object-orientated methods for the development of its software.

Standard software
The software products that can be used by customers without special configuration primarily include the language technology products:
Transit – computer-aided translation system with translation memory
TermStar – terminology management system
WebTerm – web-based system for management and publication of terminology
FormatChecker – tool for checking the quality of document formatting

Added to those are two networkable systems for spare parts logistics for managing military logistics data and the publication of spare parts catalogues, B007/PC and LS2000x.
All products are continually refined and enhanced by new features.

Customizing of basic software
The re-usable basic software that STAR configures and installs to customer requirements includes:
STAR James™ – workflow solution for optimized project handling in information management
ETKE – networkable database system for semi-automated generation of civil logistics data and spare parts catalogues
Concordance Manager – system for automating term extraction from large bodies of text with interfaces with Transit and TermStar
SPIDER – system for publication of product information on CD-ROM with customized user interface and navigation
SPIDER Online – system for publication of product information over the Internet or an intranet
GRIPS – SGML/XML-based editorial system for managing product information

System integration and product development
As an international corporation with extensive software operations, STAR is the ideal consultant and system integrator for multilingual information management systems in virtually any software environment. The following services are provided:
- Analysis of business processes and development of a concept and suitable architecture
- Set-up of complete hardware and software environments
- Integration of STAR software systems with third-party proprietary products
- Setting up of web servers and Internet publishing solutions including database connections
- Construction and configuration of multi-platform networks or web-based systems with Internet technology

Information management development and consultancy
With over 20 years of experience and expert development skills in the field of technical information, STAR offers a wide diversity of development and consultancy services for SGML, XML, DSSSL, XSL, XSL-FO and XSL-T.

STAR also provides expert services in:
- Analysis and integration of existing company information resources
- Definition of information models
- Organization and publication of information resources using the single-source principle
- Management of information modules on the basis of variant, version and publication mode
- Process control
- Data conversion

Adaptation and development of customer software
The software services offered by STAR also include advising customers on the adaptation of their existing software – to international standards for example – and carrying it out where required. STAR can also develop entirely new software on the basis of individual customer and industry specifications.

Universal standards mean open and flexible systems
STAR uses widely accepted standards and works from the basis of open systems and cross-platform, non-proprietary and universally compatible formats such as:
     - SGML or XML as import/export formats or internal data formats
     - Standard Query Language (SQL) and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
     - Unicode character coding

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