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Software Localization: Multilingual software solutions

STAR – the experienced localization specialist

Particularly in the field of software localization, the availability of qualified specialists is of enormous importance to the international success of a software product.
The adaptation of software to the prevailing local language and cultural particularities of a specific sales or user region demands the employment of highly specialized experts.
As a long-established developer of multilingual products and provider of translation services, STAR has the benefit of experienced staff with the expertise required for software localization.

Internationalize first ...
The localization process should be preceded by development of software that is not language dependent – referred to as software internationalization – to ensure that the internal software architecture is capable of localization and the range of functions of the software is adapted to the market.
If those aspects have not yet been considered, STAR is able to offer consultancy services or produce an internationalized version of the software by:
    - Checking the source code for suitability for the desired market
    - Adapting the code for multilingual support capability
    - Adapting it to platform-specific conventions

The benefits for the client are clear:
    - Only one version of the source code to manage.
    - Time and expenditure savings in the subsequent localization process.
    - Software acceptance is improved.
    - Shorter time to market

... then localize
An experienced team of translators, software specialists, DTP experts and project managers is available for the various stages of the localization process. The range of services extends from expert advice to a multilingual complete solution for software packages and web publishing. It comprises
- Initial analysis of incoming software projects and elimination of potential problems prior to localization
- Translation and adaptation of the software content
- Complete help localization
- Optimum support from a dedicated contact
- Vast range of target languages from the world-wide network of STAR subsidiaries
- Supply of high-quality localized products that enables simultaneous launch in all destination countries

The end product matches the quality of the original in every regard because it reflects the linguistic, cultural, economic and legal particularities of the destination market.

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