Transit supported formats

Transit: Supported Formats

Transit separates translation work from formatting of text and stores the formatting information for each file by freezing the original layout information. The translator works in a single, familiar environment, regardless of the source file format.

Transit creates a Translation Interchange Format in XML, independent from the original source.

The following popular desktop publishing, word-processing and standard file formats are supported.

Standard filters :

    * MS Office (WW, Excel, PPT)
    * Help (RTF, WW)
    * Tagged languages (HTML, XML, SGML)
    * Text (Resource/Unicode/Ansi, Mac/Unix/DOS/Win)
    * AmiPro3
    * SVG graphics
    * WordPerfect

Optional filters :

    * Adobe (FrameMaker, InDesign, Pagemaker)
    * QuarkXPress
    * AutoCad (R13/R14)
    * Interleaf/Quicksilver
    * Visio

Note: The import filters for PageMaker and QuarkXPress require the programs concerned.

Exchange format : TMX - universal format for TM systems exchange

Transit also allows you :

    * to support custom file formats on special request/order
    * to integrate your own file format interface program in the Transit environment
    * to configure for support any ASCII- or ANSI-based file format (e.g. as NROFF, TROFF)
    * to configure for support any non-binary file format.

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