Transit Product Overview

The translation memory system

The best translation process
     • As a translation manager, are you challenged by the following?
     • How can you translate your text & reuse old translations to save money?
     • How do you translate different file formats and maintain the file layout to minimize desktop publishing work afterwards?
     • How can you eliminate file conversion issues as a result?
     • How can you manage language consistency in all translation projects?
     • Can you just manage a single project instead of thousands of files?
     • For faster translation, can you get suggestions for translations as you work?


Why translation memory?

The key challenge in translation today is managing both the cost and volumes of translation. Deciding how best to translate whilst maintaining consistent high quality is a permanent challenge. Translation memory tools deliver that quality, and the savings in cost, but often without managing the process for you. With Transit XV you simply import your file for translation, translate the files with suggestions from your previous projects and then export your translated files, delivering consistent quality results time and again.
Transit XV gives your company and translators the technology solution for the best translation. It gives your project managers the ability to manage their translation projects and to produce accurate word counts and costing. It gives your translators a single tool to translate all the leading file formats including FrameMaker, XML, HTML, MS Word, Powerpoint, Adobe Indesign, to name just a few. It manages previous translations and terminology and offers suggestions to the translators, making them more productive and reducing your overall translation costs.

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