Your decisive benefit:
Transit support & new tool functions in one


STAR's support contract – insure your daily work

  • Wouldn't it be nice to forget about minor updates and upgrades?
  • How about knowing that if there is an upgrade, it is really a new version and worth paying extra for?
  • Imagine knowing that the software you are depending on in your daily work is developing and that you automatically get the benefit of these developments?

The STAR Group knows how to grant three wishes at once – even giving a bonus to those who have insured themselves by taking out a support contract. The support contract includes all new features, while those who do not insure themselves are left behind. We are also users of software, our own and third party's, and we have the same questions and issues as you have. This is why we will only announce an upgrade when the new items are many and significant. Minor versions will be a thing of the past. But, we are not going to let you wait to get the benefit of all our good ideas, so we decided to include them in our service packs – as a bonus for those who have insured themselves by getting a support contract. This way, customers, who – like all holders of insurance policies – pay for help they might not ever need, will always know they are getting something for their money.


So how does it work?

If you already have a support contract, your local STAR or distributor will contact you and you will get a new license number. From service pack 11 onwards this will give you access to all new features included as Transit and TermStar evolves. Of course you will also have the benefit of hot line support via your local STAR or distributor, who will solve any issues you might have in Transit and TermStar.


  • If you do not have a support contract you really should get one!


At NT 9'900 per license for the first five licenses it is a cheap insurance policy that not only gives you hotline support if something goes wrong, but also lets you enjoy the ongoing development of the tool you depend on in your daily work. If you do not have a support contract you will get the service packs, but as of service pack 11 you will only have access to any error corrections or bug fixes – all the new features will be out of reach.


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