Transit Versions

Transit: Product Versions




Typical user

Transit Professional XV

Full version . Includes TermStar Professional. Alignment tool is optional

All standard

Power-user : Translator or Project Manager

Transit Workstation XV

Without import/export .

Receives compressed Transit project file from Project Manager.

Translates with Transit.

Sends compressed project file back to Project Manager


Translator , a member of team either in-house or in distributed environment

Transit Smart XV

Stand alone . Includes the functionality of Transit Professional excluding some features marked below. Includes license for Term Star. Import/export function for existing terminology.


MS Excel;

MS PowerPoint;

MS Word for Windows

Independent translator or small agency

Transit Professional . Contains all the functions for project management and team translation. Suitable for Project Managers and translators who work independently.

Transit Professional XV may be delivered in two configurations:

  • Network-enabled license version installed on a client server so that the program can be run from several individual computers
  • Single-user license version installed locally.

Both licenses include:

  • Transit Professional XV and TermStar Professional XV 32-bit applications
  • 2 languages (of 18 available) for the spell checker
  • 1 Transit manual, 1 TermStar manual.

Transit Workstation . Includes all functions of the Professional version, however it does not have the functions for importing and exporting projects. The Workstation version is suitable for translators who receive their texts for translation from Project Managers - whether they work in-house or a remote location:

  • Project managers create the projects with the Professional version, handle importing and exporting.
  • A translator on the Workstation can receive a compressed Transit project file from his Project Manager, translate it with Transit and then send the compressed project file back to the Project Manager
  • The full TermStar functionality is included

Transit Smart . Contains all the functions an independent freelance translator requires. Has the following restrictions when compared to the Professional version:

  • Filters for HTML, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word only
  • No network support
  • Cannot send projects
  • Maximum of three dictionaries in a project
  • Cannot generate a reference extract
  • Multilingual projects are not supported
  • One spellchecker only
  • No macro functions
  • Cannot change the segmentation rules
  • Cannot change the file type settings
  • Can select only one folder for import (subfolders are not included)
  • Cannot use the start-up parameters for import
  • No printed documentation, but documentation files in PDF format and online help only

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