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Terminology management

Quality begins with the right words
     • In today's global markets a uniform corporate image is more important than ever. Does your product and documentation deliver a consistent corporate image?
     • Does support, marketing, development and finance speak the same language?
     • Is your industry regulated by standards requiring specialist terminology?
     • How do you manage your terminology on a global basis?.

Why terminology management?

Standardized terminology is an indispensable part of the professional image of your enterprise and a contributing factor to improved customer relationships and communications. Maintaining corporate terminology on a global basis is simplified by terminology management systems.
WebTerm gives you the power to manage and update your terminologies on a global basis. Teams across the globe can communicate views and changes to terminology, making the process faster, cheaper and more efficient. Changes made to your terminology are available instantly around the globe.

Main features of WebTerm:
     • WebTerm is ideally suited for validating terminology databases on an international scale.
     • This includes the ability to gather suggestions for changes and amendments from all over the world, in order to keep the terminology databases as up-to-date as possible.
     • The browser layout is fully definable and the user can select a different view if he or she doesn't like the default layout provided.
     • Terminology can be browsed alphabetically or be searched for directly or with wildcards.

WebTerm 6 demo
Do you want to learn more about the advantages of WebTerm ?
Visit our WebTerm 6 demo on www.star-webterm.com. With the different logins you have access to the different settings and features of WebTerm 6.

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