STAR sponsor ECCT SME Centre christmas party
STAR Translations sponsors ECCT SME Centre event with fun language game

On December 5 the European Chamber of Commerce Taipei SME Centre hosted its Christmas Networking party sponsored by STAR Translations.

STAR Taiwan Branch Manager Elias Ek got to wish everyone welcome and announced a little game for the evening. Each person had in front of them a piece of paper where the phrase “Merry Christmas” was written in every language of the countries where STAR has an office, 27 phrases in total. Then they had to match these phrases with the correct languages which were also listed. The goal was to get more correct answers than anyone else. Not an easy task but one that was very well received by the multinational party group.

After half an hour the STAR staff in attendance collected and corrected all the answer sheets. The first prize was a gift voucher for a translation and it went to Ms. Hedy Lee. Lee displayed great initiative by sending mobile messages to her customers all over the world asking for their help. It goes to show that networks and outsourcing is the necessary ingredient to win in the modern business world.

Mr. David Hailstone from BECC Consulting and Ms. Claire Lin won he runner up prizes of beautiful STAR wall calendars.

Elias Ek said afterwards that he was very happy with the event and the sponsorship. “I believe every person at the party whether they eventually handed in an answer sheet or not, engaged in conversation about our game. This helps drive home the message about STAR, translations, the offices we have and the languages we cover.”

Add in the fun networking, the great Christmas food from famous Swedish Chef Ola, the stunning location next to the Taipei 101 skyscraper, and one can chalk this up as a very successful event.

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